Six Ferret Colors to Choose From

Ferrets come in all shapes and sizes, from 2 lbs to 6 lbs, from chubby to lean and from a laid back personality to a hyper persona. They also come in a wider spectrum of ferret colors and color patterns. Due to the explosion in popularity of these pets, breeders have recently taken coloring to a new level. Ferrets started off with two basic colors, Sable and Albino. Sables are popular and really capture the persona of these little guys. Like a raccoon, sables have a dark mask over their eyes and a dark brown overcoat with a white undercoat. Albino ferrets have a missing pigment resulting in a pure white coat and red eyes. I’m not really sure why people find albinos attractive; they’re kind of creepy looking if you ask me. There are a variety of patterns that have been popping up lately and I’ll review a couple of choices later in this post, but here is a list of colors that you might find helpful.

Black Sables: with a mask but darker coat. No white undercoat

Chocolate: with a mask but a very light brown.

Champagne: light brown with a white head

Cinnamon: light red or pepper orange

Dark-eyed white: DEW’s are white with black eyes. Not true albino.

Silver: salt and pepper color

Color patterns come in a variety of choices. One popular color pattern is the Panda pattern. Any body color and a white head distinguish this. The mitts pattern is a ferret with four white feet. Mitts are actually a favorite of mine, but as you’ll read below. Don’t put too much emphasis on color or color patterns.

Placing too much emphasis on coloring can impede your better judgment in choosing a good ferret. I have seen it over and over again. Go check out your local shelters and look for yourself. What you should be looking out for is a healthy, happy and well-behaved ferret first. Then choose your favorite color or pattern. Most people won’t listen to this advice, so don’t blame me.

If you provide your ferret with a super nourishing environment, his shiny coat will give him rockstar looks. So how do you maintain a shiny coat? It all starts with diet. Like all ferrets, they have special nutritional needs and must be fed a diet of high-protein and high-fats. Most ferret foods comply with this but you should check anyway. Vitamin supplements are just that – supplements. If you’re feeding your pet right, then no supplements are necessary. A weekly brushing will stimulate your ferret’s skin and take away mangled hair. Ferrets are actually clean animals, yea I know they can smell, but they are tidy. Don’t bath them more than once a month. Actually, bath them only when they got themselves into a mess. Bathing them too much will actually dry their skin and produce more smelly oils.

In the end, look into choosing a healthy ferret and provide him with a nourishing environment. Have him checked up regularly by a veterinarian and don’t put too much emphasis on color. A good ferret will bring joy and happiness into your home and that’s all that matters

By Laura