Some Real Fun Ferret Games

Ferrets love to play and they may sometimes go really crazy over their own ferret games that they can turn your house into a warzone. So you have to make sure that the ferret play time is included in your pet’s training program, as this will allow your ferret to pass the time with lots of fun and less mess.

One of the most popular ferret games is hide-and-seek, jumping and rolling inside a blanket and fake battles. Ferrets also love dragging items from one place to another, so if you do have something important then you might as well save it or it will be lost or misplaced. If you do know your ferret’s behavior, it will be a lot easier for you to learn about its favorite game and of its favorite partner. Some ferrets would love to play chasing and there may be sometime when it will try to get your attention. If that happens, then you should know what ferret game it wants to play and start playing with your pet. The owner’s participation in the game is essential as this can be a way for owners and pets to create a strong bond between them. Breeders have suggested various ferret games, including the following:

Maze game – you may or may not know it, but ferrets are very curious creatures and they would love any type of training games, as long as they enjoy it and they are having fun. The maze game is considered as your pet’s favorite ferret game. You may start playing this by using carton boxes and big cards. Using these materials, you may create a huge maze which is full of rooms and tunnels. You may also try putting pieces of foods in scattered places within your maze – particularly where the exit is. Your ferret game will surely be enjoyed by your pet and it can play this game for hours until it finally reaches the end of the maze. If you play this ferret game as often as possible, there is a huge possibility that your ferret will eventually memorize the maze and will take shorter time for it to get out of the maze.

Digging game – ferrets do love digging games and this can also be a good training for them. To play this ferret game, you may take a big wooden box and fill it with sand. You may choose to wet the sand to allow your pet to dig for hours. Make sure to put something underneath to set a goal for your pet and make sure it sees what you put in before burying the item. If you do the same ferret game, your ferret will be able to dig faster each and every time.

By Laura