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Merits Of Luteolin

Many plants including vegetables, fruits, and medicinal fruits have Luteolin in them which is a flavonoid. Being a flavonoid, it has some antioxidants and antimicrobial agents and is known for its health benefits. Find below some merits of Luteolin.

One of the major advantages of Luteolin is that it helps in the fight against cancer. It basically interferes with all types of cancer cells. It stops the progression of the cancer cells cycle, inhibits the growth of all blood vessels in all cancerous tumors and also inhibits the carcinogens metabolism. The other thing that Luteolin does is to induce cancer cell death. Luteolin has also been found to have preventative and therapeutic agents against cancer as well. Thus, upon a lot of tests on mice and humans alike, it has been found that Luteolin is really very helpful in fighting all forms of cancer.

Another merit of using Luteolin is that it decreases inflammation very fast. Bacteria induced inflammation is suppressed. The two major pathways that are involved in the response of inflammation are suppressed when Luteolin is in the system. What then happens is that both chronic and acute inflammation is reduced. It has been found to be very good at inhibiting inflammation in the colon. When tested on rats, it has been found to be very successful in bringing down inflammation.

It is common knowledge that the UV rays of the sun are not good for your skin and have very negative effects especially in the long run. You can use Luteolin to protect your skin against these harmful rays of the sun by strengthening the cells in your skin. Skin will age prematurely if you are exposed to these harmful rays of the sun but if you use Luteolin, you won’t have to worry about such effects.

The functioning of your heart is very vital to your overall health. Oxidation is one of the processes that affect how your heart cells function. This is taken care of by Luteolin because it acts as an antioxidant. If you want to protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases which are caused by cell death, you should definitely try out Luteolin.

Cataracts have become very prevalent today and it causes impaired vision. Luteolin works to protect the eyes against cataracts. It also strengthens the eye membrane to improve eyesight.

When the endoplasmic reticulum in the cell undergoes stress, there is cell death. When this happens in the brain and the neuronal cells die, you will find that it causes depression. Luteolin will protect the endoplasmic reticulum from getting stressed which prevents cell death.

Last but definitely not least, Luteolin also works against impairments of the brain.

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