The Basics of Ferret Care

What You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your Beautiful Pet Ferret

Once you have purchased a beautiful ferret, the first thing that you need to do is to bring it to the veterinarian to have it checked if he is healthy. The veterinarian should verify that your newly purchased pet is free from any illness, if all necessary shots have been administered, and give it a general checkup.

It is worrying that you may have brought an ill ferret home that can bring a lot of problems into the household and the family. While your ferret is at the veterinary clinic, it should be groomed as well. They need all the cleaning and grooming they can get just like dogs and cats. Once you keep your ferret healthy and happy, it is sure to love you for the rest of its life.

There is also another thing you must consider about your pet ferrets. Ferrets are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they are awake on night times and this is certainly a good time to check how your pet ferret is doing, and if it is okay all by itself. You must have a play place for your ferret

Another thing that you must keep in mind, is that ferrets are predominately nocturnal creatures. Certain care for pet ferrets may include some quick trips in the middle of the night to see how your ferret is doing, and if it is getting along okay by itself. An essential item to have in your ferret care repertoire is a little ferret play place, which is more like an obstacle course for it to play, and this will keep him from getting bored and depressed since it will get a lot of exercise and jumping all throughout the night.

Leave him a few toys as well, better if you have squeaky toys or any toy that will create a bit of sound, just make sure these are the safe ones though. Once a ferret is bored it will only get depressed which will lead to illness and a short lifespan. Never be a bad ferret owner by neglecting its needs and wants, including the necessary playtime for it to stay happy and healthy.

Next thing on the list should be your pet ferret his health. They are carnivorous mammals in nature and a high protein diet is required – from poultry sources, beef, or pork. Seed protein and soya should only be secondary because ferrets need all the protein they can get. Without these necessary high-density protein, they will only shrivel, shrink, and stay unhealthy and unhappy.

Look for a brand that will provide the most high-density protein, lesser sugar, and lesser carbohydrates. Pet stores and online stores will provide you all the information you need about prices, brands, ingredients, contents, and everything you need to know. Make sure it drinks a lot of water from a water bottle so it wood not spill once your ferret trips them over. Ferrets are very energetic animals and they can get very playful that may spill food and water everywhere, including in its bed space and play place, so you need to carefully monitor if cleaning is required as often as necessary.

By Laura