The Little Baby Ferret

The Little Baby Ferret

Just like any new born the baby ferret is the same, cute and defenseless, they need to be with their mother for the first part of their life and then after around six to ten weeks they will be hopefully fortunate enough to go to a new home that loves them and cares for them, how they deserve to be cared for. As young they are known as kits and like other pets will need to be vaccinated.

They can also be De-scented and neutered, these little guys like the skunk can give off an odor when they feel threatened or scared, although it is not quite as offensive it can still smell a bit, but they can be De-scented. Some people do not agree with this, where others feel it is perfectly okay. It is best to get advice from your veterinarian, although who ever you may be getting your new kit from may of already had this done. It is just something to keep in mind and a definite question to the ask the kit seller.

Some people prefer to get an adult ferret, either from a rescue center or from some one who can no longer accommodate their pet, this is fine, but all their habits will have already been formed. If you decide to go for a kit, then it is important to get a few things right at the start of your relationship.

The new kit will need to be handled as often as possible and not just by one person of the family, it is best to get all the family involved and then the new kit will be use to the whole family and become at ease with different people. The training of your kit should start immediately, from showing and placing your kit in its litter tray, to dissuading it from doing things that they should not be doing.

Make sure that you have provided in the cage a comfortable bed, they need to feel safe and secure when they are in their own little environment and they will always like to burrow into their bedding. Before you bring your kit home make sure you are aware of the food that they have been consuming, changing this could upset their system, if it is not the food that you want to continue them on, then you can gradually ween them off it and onto a new type by mixing them together and gradually phasing out the old one.

Their diet should be quite strict and consist of a good amount of protein and fat, they are not best served things that we eat, but can have treats recommended by a pet store and these should be used in their training. The sooner you start training the better for you and your kit in the long run. It may seem like hard work to begin with, but it will be worth it as your new fuzzy friend will know the boundaries that you set.

The biggest thing to do when you get your kit home, a part from obviously taking good care of it, is to have as much fun as possible, we all like fun and so do these little guys. Ferrets will provide endless entertainment, so join in and enjoy the fun together.