The Value of Easy Ferret Care

My passion for ferrets prompted me to check out some ferret guides available in the market. To my surprise, there were hundreds of them! Some claim to be the best ferret care guide with high quality instructions. One book priced at $24 was a quick start manual that said it has “nearly” all the information a ferret owner could get in a 54-page book. But I don’t settle for “nearly”. So I continued with the search and chanced upon Charlie Robbins’ Easy Ferret Care: The Ultimate Owner’s Guide.

In my honest opinion, Robbins’ book is one of the best I have seen so far. It is very useful, very informative and above all, it covers everything! Its main book contains 75 instructive pages divided into 4 chapters. The package includes a training guide as well as a checklist that is totally complete.

To own this complete ferret package is a must whether you are a first time ferret owner or an old hand. It’s the most updated ferret guide so far and will definitely save you a lot of time, energy and money. It even contains a history of ferrets. Any ferret lover will find it useful because knowing their background will let you become acquainted with ferrets in a more meaningful way. It will make you appreciate them better.

The package has a total of six books and what’s more exciting about it is the book written for kids, The Easy Ferret Care for Children. It provides tips for children that teach them to become responsible ferret caregivers. Because kids just love showing their pets off, the book teaches them how to introduce the little guy to friends without scaring him.

The whole ferret guide package is made more appealing with the addition of Old Mr. Tripp’s Day at the Park: A Great Ferret Bedtime Story, a book that any children will enjoy especially those under 6. The story will further encourage children to love and care for pet ferrets. It effectively conveys the message of valuing friendship, compassion, trust and honesty. The package makes a perfect gift for nephews or nieces.

In ferret care, questions arise every now and then. I was so glad that the writer had that in mind, too, when he wrote the books and included Easy Ferret Care Resource Sheets. It is a very handy guide to direct access to websites to help ferret owners find the answers quickly. I wanted to see if I can find a problem-solving support that vets recommend during emergency cases and the resource sheet had a website where I can find the answer. A forum site where you can read and share interesting ferret stories is also there.

I realized there was so much more to be learned from this complete guide. Just as the main book says, it is ‘the ultimate’ guide. Amazingly enough, the complete package is also available in mp3 version! I am able to listen to it anytime and you can too if you don’t have the time to read. The audiobook’s mp3 format is easily downloaded with the purchase of the Easy Ferret Care series.

The all-inclusive ferret care package is so affordable at $20! With all 8 products in one package, I thought I would spend a fortune for something that would provide me all that I need to know about the pets I adore. There is no other product available in the market as valuable as this one.

By Laura