Tips For Choosing Ferret Toys

Ferret toys are needed for them to stay healthy and happy. You must make sure that their safety is your top concern before buying ferret toys. It is okay to choose the cutest and the most colorful ones for your lovely pet to enjoy himself with. The following are general guidelines and tips for buying toys appropriate for a ferret:

1. Toys made in chewable plastic or rubber is definitely a big NO. Remember that ferrets keep chewing and biting off what they can play with, biting makes a large part of their play, and if these parts chip off, these can serve as choking hazards.

2. Never get them toys with very small parts that can also pose as a choking hazard. Very small logos and other toys with tiny parts should be avoided in buying ferret toys.

3. Rattles are OK as long as they are sturdy enough to withstand biting and chewing constantly done by ferrets. Ferrets love noise and respond to them with great pleasure, so big rattles are make good toys.

4. Stuffed toys can only be good ferret toys if the fabric used is strong enough not to be chewed or bitten off. Again, stray fibers and threads are also considered as choking hazards for young and old ferrets alike. Never choose the overly furry ones. The lesser fur and the stronger the material, the better for your little furry friend.

5. Ferrets have different needs than with dogs and cats. Ferrets need to run around, play, climb, jump, and wrestle with the other ferrets, but most of the time, they run and jump quite more often. Bigger and grown ferrets like to play with tubes, ladders, swings, or little hammocks in a multilevel cage. Just make sure that the sizes are appropriate for the size of your little ferret friend.

6. Hammocks serve as a perfect sleeping nook while at the same time, make for great toys. Remember that ferrets love to climb and jump around. They can snuggle onto it, and as a double purpose, jump from the top and back.

7. Avoid metal toys that can sharpen over wear and tear. This can greatly injure your ferret his face and mouth, also his feet, so make sure you wood not get them anything with metal that can sharpen over time.

8. Ferrets love scrap papers, ropes, straws and plastics. They are fun to watch while they wrestle with old paper cups and plastic bags and try bite them off. Once they play with these, make sure that you are monitoring and supervising them to avoid choking, strangling, entangling, and suffocation of your furry little pets.

9. Noisy toys like medium sized bells or anything that will create a little bit of noise are great toys that ferrets will surely enjoy. They respond to noise because of sheer amusement and curiosity, and are guaranteed to have a great time with these toys because toys that create a bit of sound are common favorites among our ferret friends.

By Laura