Tips on Choosing the Best Ferret Cages

For new pet owners, and even the veterans, the quality of cages you get for your ferrets is often underrated. If you were a ferret, wouldn’t you want to live in a cage that is nice and roomy, as well as enjoyable and safe? Of course you would; and it’s your duty as a pet owner to make sure your ferret has the best home possible, regardless of whether or not you’re on a budget.

Ferrets are not cheap pets to own by any means, but most people are aware of this before they decide to buy one. Not only are the ferrets themselves rather costly, but all the things you need to buy for it can also add up, especially the cage. However, the cage is one of the most important things to that little critter. He has to live in it every day of his life.

Cages are pretty expensive usually if you want to get a nice model. Some things to keep in mind are:

Find an ideal size. Think about the amount of space you have to work with where you are going to be keeping the ferrets. Make sure it is small enough to fit comfortably, but also large enough to give your pets plenty of room to roam around and enjoy life, especially if there are multiple ferrets living in the cage.

Make sure it is durable. Durability is an important factor because ferrets are notorious escape-artists and can easily chew, wiggle, and “ferret” their way out of things you wouldn’t expect them to. If you get a wire cage, make sure it isn’t coated with anything that can be toxic to ferrets if they happen to chew on it.

Spring for the special features. Ferrets are very active animals. Hyper and playful in nature, ferrets love to run through tunnels and burrow into small areas. They also love to lounge, in hammocks specifically. You can find a lot of nice ferret cages that have all of these aspects combined into one unit. They may be a bit pricey, but they’re definitely worth it in the long run as they give your pet plenty of things to stay happy and entertained.

By Laura