Tips on How to Buy a Ferret

Tips on How to Buy a Ferret

Ferrets are a cross between a dog and a cat – they have the soft furry feel of a cat and can learn tricks like a dog. Extremely playful, ferrets can make engaging pets. However, before you buy a ferret, be prepared to give your pet daily attention – ferrets are very energetic, require a lot of training, and care initially.

Supplies to collect before buying a ferret

An exercise pen should top your list. Ferrets are active animals and need daily exercise. In addition, a cage can keep them out of harm’s way.

Next, you will need to stock up on dry ferret food. These animals are carnivores and the carbohydrates that you may feed cats and dogs don’t work for a ferret.

You will also need food dishes, small water bottles, ear cleaning kits, shampoos to clean their fur, litter boxes and a bed or a hammock where it can sleep. Ferrets also give off a peculiar odor, consider buying ferret deodorizing sprays to minimize the smell.

Where can you find a ferret to buy?

Before you buy a ferret, first make sure that keeping a ferret as a pet is legal in your area. Get in touch with the wildlife or fisheries department of your area, or contact your local vet. Read up on state laws.

Expect to shell out about $75 to $100 for a ferret. Angora ferrets cost much more, because they are scarce and hard to breed. Carriers of the gene have to be bred and only one or two in a litter carrying the gene will be an angora. In addition, angora mothers cannot lactate their young – a normal lactating ferret has to be used as a foster mother for their nourishment.

If you are okay with adopting a previously owned ferret, and want to give a home to an abandoned one, contact local ferret shelters.

Look for ads in newspapers – private breeders as well as professional ones often advertise new stocks in local papers.

You can also order a ferret on the internet. But make sure of the reputation of the breeding firm, especially when selecting an exotic creature like angora ferrets.

Ferrets are social animals – consider buying a pair so that they can be buddies. They are great fun to have around.