Top Reasons Behind Common Ferret Health Problems

It is welcoming to note that many experts do spend time and effort to study more about ferret health problems. The existence of these illnesses is a concern among owners for they simply want to take care of their pets. While vaccinations and surgical procedures can be performed nowadays, it is still an advantage to prevent these ferret health problems instead of waiting for these to affect our pets.

There is undoubtedly a myriad of reasons causing these ferret health problems. Aside from lack of awareness, one thing that also adds up to this health concern is the lack of initiative and commitment. We always say that prevention is far better and preparation benefits pet owners. However, there are factors that affect our pet’s overall health and sometimes, these things are not unavoidable in itself.

There are various reasons behind ferret health problems and below is a list worth-reading.

1. Intestinal and stomach blockage is considered fatal for ferrets. In fact, this is one of the leading causes of ferret deaths. Behavior and manners identified with ferrets often lead to intestinal and stomach problems, all because ferrets are known to nibble or consume anything that comes their way. Common causes of intestinal and stomach blockage includes digesting inedible items such as rubber bands and erasers. Symptoms also include constipation and vomiting. The only effective way to prevent this problem is by means of ferret proofing your area or living space.

2. Parasitic infections are also considered as one of the most common ferret health problems. Symptoms such as weight loss and diarrhea are the prime indications of this illness. Stool samples are often required to determine parasitic infections and veterinary assistance is surely needed to treat these types of infection.

3. Adrenal disease, in general, is identified with lethargy and hair loss. These types of ferret health problems can be remedied by means of operation. Usually, the surgical procedure involves the removal of adrenal glands and as always, this can be prevented by means of regular check-ups and consultation.

4. Gum disease is also a health problem typical among adult ferrets. Usual causes include improper hygiene practices. As a pet owner, it is up to you to regulate the brushing rituals of your pets and this task includes home check-ups and annual cleaning.

Prevention is still the best cure for ferret health problems. As long as you know how to effectively care for your pet, problems such as these can be avoided. It also helps if you can identify symptoms right away. For the sooner you act to prevent these concerns, the better.

By Laura