Training Your Ferret Not to Bite by Following These 5 Easy Steps

There are apparent concerns about ferret training and discipline. For one thing, some owners feel that disciplining their pets may only lead to aggression or bad behavior as shown by some ferrets. Others also feel that a practice about ferret training not to bite is downright hard and complicated. On the other hand, this reaction only elicits misconceptions and bad teaching practices. For the more you consider difficulty, the more you lose every chance to tame and teach them some good manners.

It is a given how ferrets tend to nip and bite. Excitement and playfulness are also some of the possible reasons behind these actions. It is also natural for ferrets to play continuously and have less reference to what people perceive as ordinary. But how do we teach ferret training not to bite? Are their particular principles and ways? What are the best methods to work with?

Here are five easy ways:

1. Try to understand the cause of their nipping and biting. Are they doing this out of fun or play? Is someone provoking your pet? Is there something that causes him to react in this manner? These questions have to be answered first and studying the acts and demeanor of your pet forms part of the ferret training not to bite manuals and practices.

2. Utilize a concrete procedure to instill discipline. Meaning, try to use hand signals or some form of verbal warning. Call your ferrets by their given name. Try to do this by not shouting or hurting your pet.

3. Delayed punishment may also comprise this ferret training not to bite list. To begin with, punishments or acts of violence are definitely not advised. You have to learn how to control yourself and assess every situation with an open mind. It is also best to put a ferret back to his cage if he continues to nip or bite.

4. Distancing oneself from you ferret is also an applicable act. Gently put your pet down the floor and allow him to bid some time. Lessening the tension is basically what you are trying to achieve here and it also means, positioning yourself away from the situation using the most discreet ways and means.

5. You have to admit that any ferret training not to bite manual would recommend the last obvious thing, which is called the severe measure system. Others simply refer to this as the imposition of drastic measures if the need for it arises. For instance, if your ferret continuously nips or bites, taking him back to his cage or allotting some form of ‘time out’ can be applied. You can initiate this step by lowering him slowly to the floor and wait for him to calm down.

By Laura