Vital Facts For Ferret Breeders

Breeding ferrets is not an easy task. If you were going to ask ferret breeders how it is breeding such a creature, they will usually agree that you need deep pockets so that you can provide them their necessity properly. Before jumping in a decision to own a ferret, it is important that you consider things that could do wrong and may lead to miserable chance of losing your jill, your kits and worst your caboodle.

You should also consider the temperament of your ferret. As much as possible, do not mate your ferrets if the female is ditzy and the male is skittish. It will just end up to neurotic frightened ferrets that keep on biting and fighting.

As a new ferret breeder, you must know that the breeding starts from mating and the mating starts from courting. The hob typically has no sense of romance, not even lovely gazing to female ferret. Ferret mating is really a rough and tumble episode in their lives. As you know, female ferret come into heat more than once a year from summer to spring depending on your place. Male ferrets are ready for mating as it reaches six months of age. Wait for 14 days after your jill is in heat before taking her to a hob.

The mating process is very vicious that if you are a ferret breeder that faint-hearted you cannot take to look at it. The male ferret aggressively grabs the female ferret by the scruff of her neck; drag her around the cage that causes the female in such a pain. It is a very distressing sight as the jill is being dragged around and goes limp. The whole mating process takes for several hours but will start again after some time of drinking and eating. Leaving the female with the male for a whole day will surely make the jill conceived and eventually get pregnant.

After the mating separate the pair, and as a ferret breeder it is your responsibility to check for any deep punctures that was made during the mating. Make sure that there is no vaginal infection. Once the female has conceived the vulva will decrease in a week, if not it will be taken back to the male.

Breeding ferrets is not as simple as breeding a cat and a dog. It can cause difficulty and cost lot of money to ferret breeders.

By Laura