Ways to Get Rid of Ferret Smell and Odor

This infuriate odor of a ferret is one thing that every Ferret owner wish to get rid of. In this write up you will find out some ways to get rid of ferret smell and odor through very simple and effortless means. Here are some quick points which can help you in getting rid of Ferret smell and odor.

Ferret smells because this is its natural phenomena. We cannot get rid of the smell completely but there are means and measures through which the smell can be controlled.

1. If your first step is bathing your ferret everyday then trust me it is a bad idea. The more you will wash a ferret, the sooner its skin will become dry and in order to protect the dry skin ferret will secret oil which will again smell awful. So give bath only twice a week to reduce the awful stink of your ferret.

2. It is important that you change the bedding of your ferret at least once a week. This will allow your ferret stay in clean ambience and you will be able to protect yourself from its bad whiff.

3. It is mandatory change your ferrets litter pans everyday. If you are worried for the hygiene of your ferret and wish to give a relief to your nose then this step must be followed everyday.

4. Keep your ferret on a dry diet. A dry diet is rich in fat and protein but has low fiber content. Avoid giving food which has added preservative and color. Such food will make your ferret stink more severely. Also never feed your ferret with stale stinky food.

5. Make sure your ferrets cage is clean, spacious and is not kept beneath the sun. Whenever you fill the food bowls of your ferret fill them half full so that they do not spill it.

6. Do not let ear wax accumulate in your ferrets ears. This will make the ferret smell extremely bad. Clean them on a regular basis. Also keep visiting your ferrets dentist for assuring its teeth and cavities are in good shape and condition.

If you will follow the above 6 steps judiciously then your ferret will naturally become less smelly and you will be able to live in good ambiance. Just make sure you do these things in the right manner and at a right time.

By Laura