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The Impact of ACA in Indiana and Possible Changes under Trump

Under any leadership that comes into governance, there are changes that are respected and that is what the people of Indiana have been experiencing especially the health sector under the leadership of Pres. Obama and Trump. Pres. Obama was very intentional in implementing the Affordable Care Act for the people of Indiana. ACA also called Obama care has been a very debated topic across many platforms among the politicians, shareholders, and policymakers since it was signed in, in 2010 into law. The main aim of the law that was signed in by the president Obama, was to facilitate easy purchases of policies from different systems such as the tax credit, health insurance exchange and other subsidiaries. This was a shift from what was happening before where Medicaid expansion was voluntary in different states. Given in this article are some of the impacts of the is he in the Indiana and possible changes after the order by Pres. Trump.

Statistics were done after the introduction of ACA in Indiana and there was a notable number of people were uninsured. It is said that between 2013 and 2014 after the introduction of the is ACA, the number of uninsured people in Indiana declined by 18.8% that is from 45 million people to 36.7 million people. There was a notable increase in insured people constantly reducing the number of uninsured people in Indiana important being 16.3 %, 14.5 in 2013, 11.7 in 2014 and researchers should that at the end of 2016, the number of uninsured people in 2016 was 8.6%. This was possible because of the overall coverage which was obtained in different ways by expanding the eligibility of Medicaid programs as well as improving tax credit for people to private purchase the insurance. The order given by the Trump policy will eliminate this in that people relied on the subsidiaries to purchase the insurance policy and the subsidiaries are being eliminated by the Trumps order because it was a burden on the government because it increased the tax.

The other impact of the ACA in Indiana is that expanded the coverage options. ACA was very powerful in establishing or limiting the out-of-pocket costs, therefore, minimizing the amount of money that people would pay from their pockets or family plan for the treatment. This was possible because ACA expanded the Medicaid by 130 percent of the federal poverty levels, which means that it provided health coverage for adults without children for the first time. By 2020, this will not be possible because the Trumpcare will have eliminated because is the limitation of expansion that comes in by that order. There was also the possibility of insurance exchanges through the Obama care which will also take a new turn under the Trump care.

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