What To Do To Keep Your Ferret Happy At Night

Owning a ferret is not hard but it does take some work. You must make sure that you have all the supplies you need on hand at all times. Every ferret owner should have a cage to put them in but putting them in a bare cage is not ideal. Therefore you must consider what type of bedding to use.

If you were to go outside and walk on small stones with bare feet it wouldn’t be pleasant, would it? The same thing needs to be considered for your pet. The feet of a ferret are sensitive just like you and I. While the cage is made to keep them inside, the bottom needs to have a layer of comfortable bedding to prevent discomfort.

Keeping your ferret happy is easy. An option most people choose is to line the bottom of the cage with a hard material to prevent digging. Some people like to use tiles and then a layer of other bedding. You definitely don’t want to use something that will break easily and then be eaten by your ferret. Even some plastic bottoms are a bad idea because they can be chewed on and cause a potential choking hazard.

Above the base of the cage you should have some softer materials. These animals usually like to dig holes and bury themselves to sleep. This allows them to keep warm while they sleep. The problem with softer bedding is that sometimes they will start eating it. If your ferret eats its bedding it can cause a lot of stomach issues that may require the vet. The best thing to do no matter what type of bedding you use is to watch carefully of their habits and look for signs of chewing. When you notice a lot of chewing, it may be time to change to something else.

There are other options for ferret bedding like hammocks and houses but they maybe not offer the warmth that they need inside your house. Either way, make sure that your ferret doesn’t have anything in there that they can use to harm themselves.

By Laura