Why Ferrets Love Hammocks

Ferrets like to have variety in their lives and one thing they love is spending time in hammocks. So why do ferrets love hammocks?

Ferrets need a lot of sleep, at least 18 hours a day, and while you will have provided them with a nice warm sleeping area there will be times that this is just not good enough for them. This is particularly so in warmer weather. Because ferrets don’t have sweat glands they like to have a cooler area to rest in when it is too hot for them in their usual bed. It’s quite normal to find your furry friend sleeping in their hammock in the summer months.

It also gives them an additional area to play on when they are bored with the floor of their cage or even if they just want space to be on their own to watch the world go by. Ferrets like climbing as well, so being able to get up and into a hammock gives them the space to do their own thing and leave the other ferrets (if you have any) on the floor running around and creating havoc.

There are many types of hammock available on the market, or you can even make them yourself out of an old fleecy blanket or jacket. If you get a hammock with a pocket then your ferret can still enjoy himself on it and still have somewhere he can snuggle into for a comfortable nap or just rest quietly as he surveys his home. You can even get hanging cubes and bags that he can climb over and play on.

When choosing a hammock for your ferret you need to make sure that it is machine washable and durable. Sometimes your ferret may take food up there to eat or even hide and if it gets too dirty then your ferret will not want to go anywhere near it. When you take it out to wash, check it over for any damage at the same time. If it looks like it is worn or has been ripped or the straps have been badly chewed then throw it away and get a new one. This not only keeps your ferret safe from harm but also gives him something to investigate when the new one is put in.

By Laura