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Sweeteners: Healthier Sugar Substitutes

By taking a single soda in a day, you have already exceeded your acceptable daily sugar intake. This is often shocking news to some people. What they need to know is that there are healthier substitutes out there. They are how you will still taste something sweet but stay healthy. It is important that you prevent your body from getting addicted to sugar.

There are natural sweeteners you should use instead. These sweeteners, for example, raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, and such are better as opposed to processed sugar. You, however, need to keep your use of these sources in check. You do not want also to suffer an addiction here.

Stevia is an example, one with no calories. It is also useful for cooking purposes. Its appeal further increases when you learn that it is herbal, not artificial.

Splenda is another substitute. It comes from the processing or real sugar to give it off. It is way sweeter than sugar, and when used for cooking, regular sugar should not sugar. This product works well in weight loss settings. It also acts on the bacteria in teeth that cause cavities, leading to better oral hygiene.

Saccharin is also an alternative that has been around for a long time. The fact that it is way sweeter than regular sugar means it needs to be used minimally. It presents less of the undesirable sugar qualities. Since it has none of the negative effects associated with sugar, it is ideal for a weight loss program. Seeing as it does not get metabolized, it will leave your blood sugar levels unharmed.

Xylitol is another great substitute that will not change your blood sugar levels, since it cannot mess up your insulin levels. Those who suffer diabetes shall make good use of it. It is made from fruits and vegetables. Plants such as the birch tree are great sources. It also has a fraction of the calories you old get in normal sugar.

The advantage of Isomalt, which although is from GMO sources, is that it has only half of the calories found in regular sugar. It is great for helping people keep minimal weight. It is an alcohol-based sugar. There is, therefore, the likelihood that it shall give you an upset stomach.

Erythritol comes from either fermented cornstarch, or from certain plants naturally. It does not change your blood sugar or insulin levels, and at the same time keeps your oral health intact. Those who have issues with GMO based sweeteners may need to look elsewhere. If you are still interested; you can read more about it here.

Those who find a sweetener that works well for them have a better start at staying healthy. It pays to learn more about healthy sugar alternatives. It is by decreasing your sugar intake that you get to a healthier plane of existence.