Why Would You Choose a Pet Ferret?

Why would you want a pet ferret? They’re one of those weird pets that only the strange and lonely have, aren’t they? That’s not quite so. In fact, all the cool kids have a pet ferret so you should get one too. If you’re not buying that, check online for the third most common domestic pet in the United States and guess what you’ll find.

Ferrets are getting their share of the spotlight as pets these days. And why not, considering they fill all of the same roles as a cat or a dog. Although a pet ferret may spend most of its time in the cage sleeping, it should spend most of its waking time running around your place. People tend to classify pets that live in a cage on a whole different level of interaction and connection than those that run free, so I figured it was important to make that distinction.

You can walk a ferret just like you would a dog. I’m not joking. They make special harnesses to allow you to do just that with your ferret. You can share the outside world together with your pet ferret instead of just the inside. Not to mention the fact that a ferret is quite the conversation starter. Prepare to be the center of attention for a little while at least.

Ferrets are also very intelligent. This may be a fact that you have fun with teaching them and interacting with them, or it may be the bane of your existence as you question how the managed to get into something you thought they could never get to. Either way, a pet ferret will give you hours and hours of entertainment as you bond with it.

Are there any drawbacks to a pet ferret? Well, the only ones I can think of are in their relationships. If you have an infant, please do not get a ferret as it is quite dangerous. If you have other pets you may want to run down the list to check if they’d be compatible. Other than that, a ferret can be a great friend to you and your family, and it takes no more attention or maintenance to keep than a cat or a dog.

There used to be the problem of information not being mainstream when it comes to keeping a pet ferret, but that has evolved quite a bit over the years. So if you’ve ever thought about getting one, and don’t have either of the problems mentioned earlier, go for it and get yourself a ferret. You won’t regret it.

By Laura