Your New Ferret Home – Things to Know When Shopping For One

If you have decided that you are up for the challenge of ferret ownership then you have likely made a wise and very gratifying choice but there are some things that you are going to have to get in order before you bring your furry new friend home. They will already be experiencing a bit of anxiety by just leaving their litter but you can make the transition much easier by simply planning ahead.

Cage shopping for your ferret’s new home must be a priority because this essential and not just any cage will do. This is the place that your ferret will call home and it is also where they will be for most part of the day. Their cage must make them feel safe and it must also be roomy enough so that they have enough room to move around in freely and one that will accommodate their litter, food and water, and their accessories. Ferrets are very active and do not appreciate being cooped up with little room to frolic.

These cages have to be inspected to ensure proper safety for the ferret. This means they should not have any hazards in them such as gaps or loose hardware. Store bought cages are usually limited to plastic or metal and both have pros and cons however, in the end the plastic cage would likely win. The metal cages have a tendency to rust which is not good for ferrets, especially when the bottom of the cage is metal. On the other hand, ferrets tend to eat the plastic which can cause digestive blockages so this is something that you will have to keep an eye on.

You should also consider doors when buying your ferret’s new home. Cages that offer more than one door and doors that easily accommodate their getting in and out are the best options. Consider cages that offer more than one level as the ferret just adores roaming about from one level to another while he plays and hides.

Once you have decided on the perfect cage then you are going to have to find the ideal place to put it. It is best to put it in a spot that has low traffic and one that can offer darkness when the ferret is sleeping. You will also want to load it up with essential accessories such as sleep sacks and a hammock. The idea is to make their home as cozy and snuggly as possible since they are usually only outside of their cage a few hours daily.

The ferret home should also include a decent sized litter box and a food and water bowl. A bowl is a better option than a water bottle. Your ferret will not appreciate having his litter, food, and bedding all cooped together either which is why multi-layer cages make the best ferret homes.

When you keep all of these factors in mind while buying your ferret’s home, you will ensure that your ferret has the very best and that he will be happy and healthy for years to come.

By Laura